Zero Positive for Schools

We believe that sustainability is a top priority for our future generations, and we want to help bring about this change through education. We believe that it is important for students to learn about recycling and composting at an early age so that they can become aware of how their actions affect the environment daily.

What is Zero Positive for Schools?

Zero Positive is a non-profit, proprietary emissions reduction program. As endorsed by the United Nations, this program provides schools and their communities with the resources, guidance, and support they need to begin their journey to reach net zero emissions goals while being environmentally friendly. It is a global initiative to help schools reduce their carbon footprint. This initiative aims to have a positive impact on the environment and people as well ass promote sustainability by introducing students and teachers to environmental issues and solutions.

This program was designed to make schools greener and we are proud to support it!

This initiative will raise awareness of environmental issues in schools and help the planet. The focus is on making children more aware of what they can do to help. As an organization that believes in the importance of learning about and making an impact on the world around us, this initiative is very important to us. is designed to help students learn how to contribute to the greening of their school. Real energy data will be used in the Zero Positive initiative to train and empower students and educators. Students can use gauges and data collection platforms to monitor their progress in reducing emissions and increasing sustainability.

How does ErthPoints support Zero Positive for Schools?

The ErthPoints platform is built on the premise that everyone cares about making their community, country and planet a better place. Rewards4Earth provides a simple and effective way for everyone to join the movement for positive change by taking small actions to make a big impact.

In Rewards4Earth we have always recognized the importance of giving back to the community. We are pleased to announce that the Rewards4Earth has become an official supporter of her Zero Positive for Schools initiative via Erth Points System.

Zero Positive for Schools is a non-profit organization that helps schools improve waste reduction and recycling efforts. It provides educators with the tools and resources to help create a lean school environment. They already helped over 1,000 schools become zero-waste schools.

The initiative will give children a better understanding of the environmental impact of their behaviour and how they can make a positive difference by recycling or reducing waste at school. We are pleased to see that and hope that through our partnership with Zero Positive for Schools we can educate students across Australia on environmental sustainability and encourage them to continue making positive changes after they graduate.

That’s why we decided to support the Zero Positive for Schools program as one of our CCCs. Every time you shop with our loyalty program and earn Erth Points, we donate a portion of those points to Zero Positive for Schools.

This means that every time you use the app and earn Erth Points through purchases, you can be confident that your contributions are helping Australian schools.

How does the Erth Point App work?

Imagine earning points with every purchase and using those points to buy more. But it’s not just about shopping. You can donate your points to help the environment and save the planet. This is what the Rewards4Earth Erth Points App does.

We encourage all customers around the world to donate to our efforts to save the planet by rewarding purchases with Erth Points that can be collected and used in businesses that accept Erth Points as payment. And these points were so valuable that they could grow in value over time!

Rewards4Earth partners with non-profit organization Zero Positive to raise awareness of the planet among students. We believe sustainability is a top priority for future generations and want to help bring about that change through education. We believe it is important for students to learn about recycling and composting from an early age and to be aware of how their actions impact the environment on a daily basis. It also teaches the importance of being a responsible for the planet by keeping it clean and litter-free.


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