Benefit Yourself,

Your Community Groups and the Planet

every time you shop!

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Imagine every time you shopped you earn Erth Points which you can spend at any participating retailer.

Imagine your local Environmental and/or Community Organisations (ECO’s) benefiting with every purchase you make where you earn Erth Points.

Imagine a world where every purchase you make is helping to Save the Planet. That Erth Point world is here.

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How to join?

Download the App


Open an account in the Erth Points App.

Choose the ECO

Add the CEnvironmental and/or Community Organisations you would like to support.

Add Credit/Debit Card

Once your credit/debit card is loaded up, you are ready to collect the points. 

Reasons to Join:

You, your Environmental and/or Community Organisations and the planet all earn Erth Points

You can earn alongside any other rewards card you have (flybuys, Rewards etc… )

Spend your Erth Points in participating stores on what you want

Choose to receive special deals from Erth Point businesses as a VIP member

Easily find Erth Point retailers using out GEO locater maps in the app 

How it works:

Earn Erth Points at:

Collect Erth Points at all your favourite stores with the Erth Pay Gift Cards.

Collect Erth Points at the retailers listed below, with a fast transaction tracking system.

Earning Examples:

Harvey Norman

See how easy it is to earn Erth Points with big retailers:

Metro Petroleum

See how easy it is to earn Erth Points with big retailers:

What Erth Points Users Say:

In the build up to Christmas I earnt $80 worth of points to spend and it’s a great feeling knowing I’ll be helping Currumbin Wildlife save the Koalas and also The Rewards 4Earth Foundation.
Erth Points App User
My children told me about this app. They have grown up with David Attenborough and they have been in some peaceful protests about climate change as they realise the importance of contributing to saving the planet for their future generations. I like the idea that we can actually all make a difference using this app. We laugh as I say I’m off to protest every time I go shopping.
Erth Points App User
I really like the idea that my son’s football team earns money every time I buy fuel or groceries or anything really. Hopefully in time we will raise enough so they can all have new uniforms and a refurb for the club house.
Erth Points App User