IMAGINE a world where we can create a sustainable future, nurture the community, help business’ grow whilst being rewarded as a consumer for doing so.


Loyalty Program

Benefit Yourself, your Community groups and the Planet every time you shop!

You can now Benefit yourself and your ECO (Environmental and/or Community Organisation) while you help Save the Planet, just earn Erth Points!

If we all win…

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Project ZERO

A father’s and son’s journey to Antarctica and far reaches of the globe to dispel the mistruths of climate change.

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Get Special Offers and Earn Erth for you, your ECO & the Planet!

Download the FREE App, register your details and your cards, and choose your ECO that you want to benefit, so you can help save the planet with your shopping!

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Monetise Your Loyalty with Erth Points.
Imagine earning $2 per week from every one of your Supporters spending?

The Planet - The Rewards4Earth Foundation

Every transaction where Erth Points are involved helps Save The Planet

Erth Point System gives businesses an easy way to help save the planet, attract and keep customers coming back again and again while also supporting the customers’ favourite ECO.

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