Pertnered CCCs

Not-for-profit organisations that participate in the Erth Points Loyalty Rewards Program.

ManKind Project

In an ideal world, a man can express himself wholeheartedly through effective communication, be courageous by revealing his vulnerability and lead an authentic life in line with his purpose and values without fear of being judged. Unfortunately, we are NOT living in an ideal world!

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Coorparoo RSL and Community Club

It’s a small club, but the combined 2000+ members of the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club provide a positive, visible contribution to the local community via welfare support to veterans – e.g. ADF (Australian Defence Force) Members, Veterans and their families. The Sub-Branch also supports the local community via schools and youth groups – who in turn contribute assistance to community groups such as National Seniors, Rotary, Legacy, and Meals on Wheels.

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Predominately known for its drought and, more recently, continuous flooding, Mother Nature constantly challenges Australia.

Bushfires, floods and droughts have taken a considerable toll on many Australian farmers time and time again. It’s a continuous battle.

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According to current projections, plastic waste in our oceans will triple to 600 million metric tonnes by 2040. There will be fewer fish and more plastic in the ocean by 2050.
“If we can have rubbish bins on land then why not have them in the ocean”? – Pete Ceglinski, Seabins’ founder of Seabin Project.

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The International Elephant Project

It is simple to overlook the tragedy of our failing environment, and in particular the predicament of creatures without a voice fighting extinction. The Majestic Elephant, the biggest of all, is in need of our assistance.

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