What is Erth?

The Erth Point Customer Ecosystem

Erth primarily operates with the Visa/MasterCard/EFTPOS payment gateway system via their Rewards4Earth Automated Card Transaction System (REACTS) to seamlessly enable the business to incentivise new sales from Environmental Supporters, and Club (Social & Sports), Environmental and/or Community Organisations (ECO’s). REACTS automatically gifts Erth to the Customer as a Reward Point like normal, but also gifts the same amount of Erth Points to the Customer’s nominated ECO and to the planet via the Rewards4Earth Environmental Foundation, and to the Erth Ambassador network simultaneously. It is important to note that the cashier has no extra steps or procedures, and the Customer will know they have earned Erth before the cashier.

Erth can be part of every sale from every business using any currency in the world. The BIZ App enables the system to operate with cash or direct deposit transactions, or with an API for online transactions.

How it works:

How different users participate in the Erth System and what benefits they receive:


Join Erth Points Loyalty Program by signing up through the free mobile App and can earn Erth Points straight away. They receive rewards from every purchase at participating businesses and have access to unique special offers.


Use the Erth Points Loyalty Program to attract and retain customers via a PAY-per-SALE marketing system, rewarding customers with Erth Points at the point of sale via REACTS.

The system can work alongside a business’s proprietary rewards program if they already have one. Another unique feature of the Erth Points Loyalty Program is that points once gifted are owned by the recipient, not the business that granted them. Therefore, there’s no ongoing liability to the business or risk of forfeiture for the customer.

ECO or Not-for-profit Organisations

The Erth Program enables ECOs to monetise their loyalty and earn passive residual income from their supporter’s everyday purchases. The Customer must nominate their preferred ECO and they can change their ECO at any time.

The Environment

The environmental charity, Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd receives Erth with every transaction and uses them towards environmental restoration with regard to its POLECER mandate.

Erth International Transaction Example

A Business gift .01 Erth Points to Michelle who paid for a coffee in Brisbane, Michelle travels to Melbourne for work and earns more Erth Points from different businesses. Michelle uses her Erth Points App to purchase a Coles Gift card and uses it on her weekly shop and earns more Erth points through this method.
Once she has accumulated enough Erth Points, Michelle can then directly spend those Erth Points by purchasing an Erth Points Gift Card via the Erth Points App which allows her to purchase products directly from some of the biggest stores and well-known brands or she can spend them directly with a business that accepts Erth via their BIZ App.
Michelle supports Currumbin Wildlife Hospital (Koalas) in Australia and when she buys her coffee or groceries, the hospital receives Erth Points that they can spend or sell on Exchange to carry on their great work. At the same time, Rewards4Earth Foundation receives the same amount of Erth Points and can spend or sell them on the Exchange to carry on their environmental restoration work. For clarity, from just $333.33 of spending per week, a customer would earn $2 worth of Erth Points per week, as would their nominated Not-for-profit ($2) and planet earth ($2).