Coorparoo RSL and Community Club

It’s a small club, but the combined 2000+ members of the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club provide a positive, visible contribution to the local community via welfare support to veterans – e.g. ADF (Australian Defence Force) Members, Veterans and their families. The Sub-Branch also supports the local community via schools and youth groups - who in turn contribute assistance to community groups such as National Seniors, Rotary, Legacy, and Meals on Wheels.

The more the members and visitors purchase in the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club, the more the club provides to take care of “those in need”.

Put simply – it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, that ensures those in the community who need help and support, receive it.

The vision of the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club is to create a hub (a key community pillar of the future) where people enjoy the offer and community involvement.

Coorparoo RSL was formed in 1935 and has been at its current home in Coorparoo since the early 1960s. Regular meetings are held monthly at the Club HQ in Holdsworth Street, Coorparoo, along with many other annual social activities.

Of course, the most memorable event is “Anzac Day”, whereupon the club ensures that this day is remembered with the gravitas and honour it rightly deserves. This day sees the community congregate and rally around surviving veterans, to commemorate their fallen comrades and remember their sacrifice. It’s an emotional and humbling experience for all involved.

Onsite services at the club include – a restaurant, bar, gaming, wagering, and multiple function options for various meetings and events.


The club also organises regular fun events for all (members and visitors) to enjoy – e.g., Sunday Roasts, Game nights and various prize drawers (to name a few). This brings the community together and enables the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club to raise much-needed funds, i.e., to assist with the delivery of community and legacy activities.

How YOU can help:

As a not-for-profit organisation, every dollar spent in Coorparoo RSL and Community club goes back into the facilities and services for its members, guests, and community.

“Like many other charities, we always need more funding to maintain and expand the services offered”… said GM Chris Satori.

The Rewards4Earth model is a great way to support the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club, whilst shopping at all leading stores and local community businesses. The exact number of Erth Points the supporter earns are equally gifted to their chosen Club, Church, or Charity (as a beneficiary) and the Rewards4Earth Foundation.

On average, each supporter will earn $2 per week, and Coorparoo RSL and Community club have just over 2000 members.

If just 25% of The Coorparoo RSL and Community Club members downloaded the free Erth Points app to use for their daily shopping – earning on average $2 each per week; it would equate to an extra $52,000 in the club’s kitty annually. Now imagine if everyone got involved!

How does it benefit the supporter (i.e., the club member or visitor)?

The supporter also earns Erth Points and can spend them at the club to purchase food and beverages, as well as other participating Erth Point Businesses.

Earning Erth Points is a win for supporters, i.e., they are making a positive contribution to their local community every time they shop (via supporting their nominated beneficiary), and importantly a contribution to Saving the Planet.

Don't delay! Download the Erth Point app today.


Coorparoo RSL and Community Club, 

Media supplied by the Coorparoo RSL and Community Club


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