Erth Points!

Attract New Customers

Reward Customers With Something of Value

Keep Customers Coming Back Again & Again

Support Customers' Favourite Not-for-profit

Support Repairing the Environment

It’s Tax-Deductible
Businesses Only PAY-per-SALE – Clicks are FREE

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Your Business may have 500 Customers, but a CCC may have 10,000 Supporters. Why not have all of their Supporters buying from your Business?

  • Attract CCC Supporters
  • Send your VIP Customers Special Offers
  • Have CCC’s send your Special Offers
  • Use Erth Points as your Loyalty Reward System

Why your Business needs Erth Points?

Save on marketing costs
Free directory, search, and geolocation services.
Use OPM – Other People’s Marketing

Have CCC’s promote your Special Offers.

Increase repeat business
Send your best Customers VIP special Offers.
Only PAY-per-SALE
CLICKS-are-FREE, Businesses only PAY-per-SALE.
Attract CCC Supporters
Use CCC Loyalty, most CCC’s will have far more Supporters than you have Customers.
Help repair the planet
We all take from the planet, now you can give back and get more customers at the same time.

Funding your ESG policy (environment, social, governance)

Start rewarding your customers!

Join the marketing program that benefits your business, customers, community and the Planet!

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