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In an ideal world, a man can express himself wholeheartedly through effective communication, be courageous by revealing his vulnerability and lead an authentic life in line with his purpose and values without fear of being judged. Unfortunately, we are NOT living in an ideal world!

The ManKind Project helps men to connect with their emotions, find their purpose and act in alignment with ManKind Project values of Integrity, Accountability, Congruence, Responsibility, and Respect.

The ManKind Project wants to effect change on society’s definition of masculinity. We seek change from a view where it is no longer about a man’s ability to ‘man up’ and suppress his true emotions. It’s about becoming self-aware, showing vulnerability, and being curious about self-development, accepting personal responsibility, respecting others, nurturing relationships and recognising that all of these things are indeed traits of good and courageous men in touch with what healthy masculinity really is!

The tide is changing.

The ManKind Project is a group of men that equips men with new skills and learning experiences required to let go of what no longer serves them. It provides them with new ways of thinking and tools to help them face adversity. It is a rite of passage that encourages emotional growth to achieve life-changing breakthroughs and lead a more fulfilled life, creating authentic connections with all those they have the privilege of coming into contact with. Breaking down the stigma around depression, loneliness, fear and shame, the MKP is helping men become better versions of themselves by creating positive changes in communities across Australia and the world.

As the tides change, so must the narrative.

Today, the definition of masculinity is changing; it is no longer about man’s ability to ‘man up’ or keeping a ‘stiff upper lip’, it’s about showing vulnerability, becoming self-aware, and being curious about self-development, accepting personal responsibility, respecting others and nurturing relationships and recognising that all of these things are indeed traits of courageous and strong men in touch with what Manhood really is!

In 1984, in Wisconsin USA, Rich Tosi, Bill Kauth and Ron Hering, recognised a societal disconnect, particularly among males in their community. They held a men’s group weekend and called it “Wild Man”, which has now evolved over time to be now known as “The New Warrior Training Adventure” (NWTA).

During these early weekends, men supported men to reconnect themselves with their lost deep masculine identity, and now over the years, the ManKind Project has now formed itself as arguably one of the most successful men’s groups in the world.

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Fast forward to the year 2000 here in Australia.

The ManKind Project of Australia was established here by Larry Dawson, Allan Shortall, and Phillip Krieg, with the first NWTA held on Tamborine Mountain Queensland. Since then, MKP Australia has grown from strength to strength, instilling in Australian men its core values of:

  • Accountability
  • Authenticity
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Multicultural Awareness and Respect.

MKP International now has MKP Men’s groups/organisations on 8 continents worldwide. Here in Australia, MKP now has communities and training centres in all states of Australia and continues to grow and support men and families within those communities.

As the tides change, so must the narrative.

Weekends called the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA):

A journey that encourages men to reconsider how they present themselves in the world, how they can improve their relationship with themselves, with their partner, with their families, and, ultimately, how they can improve all of their personal and professional relationships at work. The NWTA is a weekend that challenges men’s beliefs and provides better ways to show up as a man in today’s challenged societies. It helps many men become more aware of what it takes to celebrate and honour the best of what men have to offer humanity and the planet.

MKP Men's Circles / I-Groups (Integration Groups):

To ensure there is continuity and support for all men, MKP Men’s Circles are located throughout Australia and run weekly. They provide a safe space for all men to express themselves and share what they consider to be the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of their daily lives. Men helping men by sitting in circle and providing a space for me to be heard. These men’s circles serve as a constant link between men as they live their daily lives, they encourage men to be open to new ways of being, and they create friendships and connections not seen in a lot of today’s communities.

Ongoing Support and Trainings:

MKP Australia provides ongoing personal advancement for all initiate men via our Leadership and Diversity trainings. Men willing to become vulnerable, caring, empathetic and accountable as they step into their personal leadership in their lives and within MKP itself. These Next-Level Training courses are designed for initiated men to advance their personal skill base and eventually help their fellow men who are where they once were. It is a gift to be able to pass on and an even greater gift to serve one’s, fellow man.
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How we can help:

I was introduced to the ManKind Project here in Queensland by a man who cared enough for me to suggest that I do the weekend… that was 20 years ago, and how it changed my life direction and that of my sons and now their families as well… is truly mind blowing! When I did my “work” around what had happened in my childhood and was shown how to ‘drop it off” and get on with my life, everything changed – I now have mates whom I can call on, and I sit in a circle with, and I can rely on if I need support in my day-to-day world… as I said, “Life changing.”  ~ Ray Henderson

With more and more men like Ray Henderson are having incredible life-changing experiences through The ManKind Project, our society owes a debt of gratitude to the ManKind Project for encouraging men to invest in themselves to become better men and ultimately to serve their families and our communities.

At Erth Points we fully support this incredible organisation and would ask our supporters also to help contribute to this worthy cause. With your use of the App and nomination of MKP Queensland, you will help change the landscape for many young and not-so-young men as they journey through today’s challenging society.

All you have to do is download the Erth Points App and select The ManKind Project Queensland as your nominated Club, Church or Charity Beneficiary.

On average, from spending just $220 per week at any of the thousands of businesses where Erth Points can be earned, each supporter will earn approx. $2 per week, as will the ManKind Project Queensland, and most importantly, so will planet Earth via the Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd.

The ManKind Project Australia has 3500 members, with 1200 in Queensland. (Globally 65,000) If just a quarter of those members downloaded the free app to use on their daily shopping earning on average $2 each per week, that would equate to an extra $32,000/year to help The ManKind Project Queensland continue to make a difference.
Now imagine if everyone did this!

Download the App today and help the ManKind Project Queensland help ManKind in your local communities. Men supporting men reduces domestic violence, reduces depression, reduces loneliness and creates better functioning fathers and men in our communities.


 ManKind Project Queensland 

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