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Loyalty Program

Your Business may have 500 Customers, but Environmental and / or Community Organisations (ECO) may have 10,000 Supporters. Why not have all of their Supporters buying from your Business?

Simply introduce the Erth Point system to your community and give your customers the gift of shopping with purpose.

Sit back, relax and let us show you just how easy it can be


“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” Greek Proverb

Where planet Earth can benefit from every sale from every business on the Planet

Get discounts, earn Erth Points, benefit your ECO & Help SAVE the PLANET
ECO - Environmental & Community Organisations
Customers select the ECO they want to benefit from their shopping
Businesses attract, retain & reward Customers, support ECOs, Save the Planet & only PAY-per-SALE
The Planet
Every Transaction where Erth Points are involved, helps Save the Planet Earth

Start rewarding your customers!

Join the marketing program that benefits your business, customers, community and the Planet!

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How various users interact with the Erth system and the benefits they receive


Customers/Supporters Join the Erth Points Loyalty Program by downloading the free mobile app and start earning Erth Points right away. They earn points for every purchase they make at participating businesses and have access to exclusive special offers.


Use the Erth Points Loyalty Program to attract and retain customers through a PAY-per-SALE marketing system that rewards customers with Erth Points at the point of sale through REACTS. If a company already has a proprietary rewards programme, the system can work alongside it. Another distinguishing feature of the Erth Points Loyalty Program is that once gifted, points are owned by the recipient rather than the business that granted them. As a result, there is no ongoing liability for the company or risk of forfeiture for the customer.

ECO or Not-for-profit Organisations

The Erth Program allows ECOs to monetise their supporters’ everyday purchases and earn passive residual income. The Customer must specify their preferred ECO, which they can change at any time.

The Environment

The Rewards4Earth Foundation Ltd, an environmental charity, receives Erth with every transaction and uses it to restore the environment in accordance with its POLECER mandate.

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Your planet needs your help
Saving planet Earth point by point
How we help

How it works:

Depending on the package you choose, you are allocated a certain amount of pre-paid marketing.

For every sale, 3% minimum or whatever amount is chosen by your business is split between the supporter, their ECO and The Rewards4Earth Foundation.

Once your marketing budget hits a certain amount, it will be automatically topped up as per your settings.

From your App, you can send VIP messages to all your customers using the App.

Why your Business needs Erth Points?

Attract new customers
Reward Customers with Something of Value – The Erth Point
Create Loyalty – Keep Customers Coming Back Again & Again – to earn Erth Points
Save on Marketing Costs
Support Customers’ Favourite Not-for-profit – Help your community
Support Repairing the Environment
It’s Tax-Deductible 
Businesses Only PAY-per-SALE – Clicks are FREE
Fund your ESG Policy (environmental, social, governance)
Using our Geo Locator, All Erth Point customers can find you to earn Erth Points
Help be part of the solution with you customers and together help Save the Planet for future generations

Funding your ESG policy (environment, social, governance)

What Erth Points Users Say:

Since signing up the Erth Point system, a lot of my customers have downloaded the app. It’s great to see them comment that their chosen ECO has just been awarded some points when they buy their coffee in the morning.
I’ve sent 3 VIP messages out to my Erth Point supporters and we had a slight increase in sales for that special deal which was encouraging. We also upped our percentage over Christmas for a week so our customers could gft more to their ECO and the R4E Foundation.
We were interested in using Erth Points in our business as it tied in with our ECG targets and what better way to meet this requirement by encouraging customer loyalty and helping ECO’s along the way.