Humankind is destroying our planet; we need an economic solution to our Environmental problems if we are going to have a healthy planet for our grandchildren and their children.
Imagine, a small part of your restaurant bill in New York or London goes to feed the Cobalt orphans of the Congo. Imagine a small portion from filling up your car in Paris or Sydney, goes to offset your carbon footprint by planting trees in the Amazon, or helping to save the Orangutan. Imagine part of your grocery bill in Madrid or Tokyo goes to pulling plastic out of the Ocean.
Imagine part of every dollar spent from every business in the world goes to supporting the poorest communities of the world, repairing environmental damage, and saving endangered species, that’s what the Erth Point system does. Not because it is the right thing to do, which it is, but because it is profitable for Businesses, Customers, Charities, Churches and Clubs to be part of the Erth Point system.
Erth Points is the only product/service that can form part of every sale from every business in the world, and that is what will change the world. If you are a VC that wants to be part of this world changing opportunity, please read the following case studies and documents, help us to change the world for the better and in the process, you will be part of helping to build the most valuable company in the world, that really can save the world.
The following are examples of how Erth Points can work with different companies in different industries, we have not started negotiations with any of these companies as yet.
Pitch Deck
Why Apple, Google, Microsoft and Tesla will want to be part of Erth Points – to help solve Cobalt’s Child Slavery. ​
Erth Points changes where people purchase, providing Advertising/Marketing companies with Residual Income after the advertising stops, changes everything.​
We believe oil/gas/coal companies should pay more towards repairing environmental damage, rather than punishing them by making them keep all their profits.
Erth Points – Banks & their Corporate & Retail Customers​
How Erth Points can work with Banks and their Corporate and Retail Customers