85% of growth comes from LOYAL customers according to a study by KPMG, that implies that MOST profits also come from


How do you get your customers to become SUPER loyal customers?


Hearts, minds and wallets

Six out of ten consumers say they are loyal because they feel a personal connection to a company — suggesting that companies need to appeal to customer’s hearts as well as their minds and wallets.

According to KPMG consumers want to buy from businesses they like — apart from sustainability and corporate transparency, businesses that they believe share their values.

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Erth Points is a simple to use App based system that allows businesses to share their customers values by supporting what the customer is passionate about.

Erth Points creates a low-cost way for your business to support your customer’s favourite sports team, church, or charity, while also offering Erth Points rewards to your customer.

Plus, a small part of every sale also goes to repair environmental damage through our ACNC-registered foundation (Sustainability).

Shop. Save. Make a Difference.

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A system built on reciprocity.

Sending more Supporters to your business.

When your customer makes a purchase from you their chosen club, church or charity receives a small percentage of Erth Points too. Over time this can create a mutual relationship where their club now wants to support your business in return.

For example

The local Netball or Soccer team can send out a special offer from your business to all its members/supporters, whatever you want to offer maybe it’s 10% off this week only, Kids eat free Tuesday Nights or Double Erth Points on Wednesdays.

If your business works with an Environmental or Community Organisation (we call them ECO’s)

Your customer benefits

The Netball/Soccer team benefits

The Planet benefits &

Your Business gets more sales.

For copies of the KPMG reports:

Kids eat free Tuesday Nights – or – Double Erth Points on Wednesdays.

The best part is together we can support the community and the environment.

Other marketing & advertising mediums ask you to take all the risk, as in pay up front and hope for sales, or PAY-per-CLICK and hope for sales. We take the risk with you, we share the risk as after a very low establishment cost, we only get paid when your business gets paid. That’s why we want you to make more sales!

This can be as low as 3% - so from a $100 sale your business gets a return of $97 for every $3 it spends with Erth Points, and you only pay with customers that collect Erth Points. That is a 3,333% return on your Marketing spend.

For copies of the KPMG reports:

Attract and retain customers by gifting Erth points to them and their club, church or charity.

Attract customers by supporting environmental repair

Your business can send special offers directly via the App

Work with Environment and Community Organisations to share your special offers

Or work with other Erth businesses to share your special offers

By gifting Erth Points when you make a sale you are supporting

The Customer to return again and again

The Community via ECOs

The Environment

& Your Business